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Grace One : Possible to change software/ hardware to change topspeed ?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Bike" wurde erstellt von elbikefun, 24.05.2016.

  1. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    I live in Norway and plan to import a Grace One from Germany.
    I hope most of you understand english.

    I read the postings on this forum with great interest. Have to use Google -translate; which is a littlebit problematic, as the translations are not 100 % relieable.

    Anyways, I have the following question:

    Has anyone tuned their Grace One to gain higher topspeed ?

    I understand that this is not legal in Germany; nor in Norway; if driving on public road. BUT if used on private property/ closed area; this should not be a problem.

    Greetings to my german friends :)
  2. ziltoid81


    It is possible when you change the controller/display/voltage.
    The ultramotor should take more watts, especially when you use it for short sprints and let the motor cool down in between.
    And the ultramotor works with another controller.

    I guess nobody was able to unlock the original controller yet, so i dont know if the voltage is the limiting factor here, or the controller.
    Maybe you also need another battery(higher voltage) or a faster motor with a lower turn count.

    Im searching for a cheap defective Grace One to do that, but wasnt lucky yet.....
  3. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    That sounds like a fun project ! I wish you find a suitable/ cheap project-bike to work on !! Best of luck :)

    My thought was to simply change the controller-parameters which set the topspeed to 45 km/h. This would not improve power uphill; but perhaps on flat level roads/ downhill.

    I would be surprised if no Grace One-owners had not modded their bike to improve performance .
  4. ziltoid81


    The controller wasnt unlocked yet......
    Someone wanted to do this, but it never happened.

    So you wont be able to change the controller parameters.
    You need another unit like lyen, adaptto or what not.
    If you swap the controller, you need to change the display also i guess.
  5. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    Sounds like alot of hazzle. The best solution is perhaps for me to train/ shape up my body; so I can pedal faster lol
  6. ziltoid81


    Faster than 45km/h?
    Good luck......:D
  7. ewin


    There is no solution for fast speed unlock around at the moment. I doubt any will appear in the next future, since the grace one community is very small. Changing the controller is no option for me, sine I don't like any further cables and displays hanging around. So just forget your approach.
    Btw going with 45 km/h requires very high cadence. You can do it a few minutes, but not more. This means, even if you unlock you controller you will need to modify your mechanics to decrease the cadence. Furthermore the engine will require higher voltage for higher speeds, consequently a battery modification is desirable.
    Last but not least driving the original grace one as every day bike is huge fun. I am very seldom above 40, you don't need it. It is just funtastic going 40 and laughing and smiling around since it's not very challenging- it ist like flying :)
  8. ziltoid81


    For commuting you need the speed.

    When i ride my bike in my freetime, i often dont even need a motor at all.
  9. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    ziltoid81 & ewin: You are both making good points :)
    Also, thank you for writing in english in this thread !

    My intention was to investigate; if there was a easy/reversible solution to enhance performance on the Grace one. I guess there are no easy "easy" way of doing this; without modifying the bike.

    For cycling to my job; a high top-speed would help. I guess 45 km/h topspeed would have to do.
    Test-drove a Grace one about two weeks ago. It was a fun experience.

    Any common problems with the Grace one ?

    Do you know of other quality e-mopeds/ s-pedelecs with handgas / gasgriffe ?
  10. ziltoid81


    Unfortunately all after market ebikes with max. 45kmh have their own downsides.

    The Grace One got no regen brake, no suspension and a wh burning, medival halogen light with 70 watts consumption.
    Also the battery is too small for commuting.
    The Grace technology is quite old......they never updated this product.

    But you wont get a better registerable 45kmh ebike for the price.
    The Stromer is more expensive.

    Also you need to use bike tires on these bikes.
    I switched to light mopedtires on my 12kw bike and its way better.
    No flats, nice damping and it lasts much longer.

    The new bultaco brinco looks nice.
    But its new.......no used ones available.
    And for the price of the brinco, i build an ebike with 3 times more range and 5 times more power.
  11. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    As far s I can see, the range-extender-batterypack; and the bigger display are the only "upgrades". If the "One.15" had been released; with 2000w engine and pinion-gears; we would have seen a nice update.

    I guess the limited battery-capacity is a design-choise. No more battery than can be stored in the tubes...
    I agree that the halogen lights are obcelete in 2016. I presume they stick with the old designs and constructions, because of priority & ecconomy. Seems like the "Urbanic"-model is the priority at Grace this season.

    Sounds like you got yourself a nice self-made bike, Ziltoid :)

    The problem for me; with a selfmade bike, is that it do not have a COC-document; which is needed tot register the bike.

    I whish there were some more options; in the range between the Grace One and the american Zero motorbikes.
    The Brinco-bike with topspeed of 60 would have fitted my needs perfect. But this probably doesnt have COC; as it is not targeted for use on public roads. Only the 45 km/h-models they got is.

    About Stromer: Their bikes are pedal-assist only, correct ? (= no gas-handle...)
    Are these "better" in any ways, compared to for instance GRACE-models ?
  12. UGi


    I have the old Grace PRO from 2010, but since 1/2 year I use for everyday commuting the ST2 with absolutly no problems.
    Top-Speed is the same (with Power to 1000 W), but the battery is much better (814 Wh, extern chargeable - important by cold weather).
    Its more like a bicycle, but very funny.

  13. elbikefun

    elbikefun Guest

    Is it possible/ realistic to change the crank-gear or casette-gears to reduce cadence ?
  14. Dishese


    maybe there are those who can advise a guy with a bike choice? I'm just not good at them. While I am thinking of buying this bike here bikesist I really don’t know how good it is.

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